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Golden square at sunset

First research visit to Bendigo

Alex Gunn 10 August 2017

Emma has been in Bendigo all week meeting people and getting a feel for what's happening in the city. She has seen a lot of enthusiasm for the project so far from the City of Greater Bendigo and the representatives of other organisations she has met. This is fantastic considering there is a lot of activity in long-term planning at the moment with the Plan Greater Bendigo process underway. Emma has also had the important task of scouting locations for our workshops and planning events. Emma has also had the covert responsibility of finding the key coffee spots for us, thanks Emma!

Sunrise through the trees, Bendigo Creek

Interviews with industry and government

Alex Gunn 16 October 2017

Last week, I was with Emma in Bendigo to talk to people in a variety of roles with water and environment organisations and city council. Interviewees had diverse comments about the opportunities for Bendigo to become more water sensitive, as well as the challenges that Bendigo might face over the next 50 years. It was intertesting to learn about some of the big changes that Bendigo had been through over the last 10 years, and there is a lot of enthusiasm for building on this momentum in the urban environment. I also made good use of the Bendigo Creek trail, as you can see from the photos below.

Golden Square

Water Sensitive Cities Index Workshop a success

Alex Gunn 30 October 2017

The first Bendigo workshop was held on Friday 27 October, bringing together over 30 people from a range of organisations in Bendigo. The workshop aimed to benchmark Bendigo performance against the CRCWSC's Water Sensitive Cities Index. Participants worked through the 34 indicators or measures of the Index methodically, and by the close of a good day's work the assessment of Bendigo was complete. The team is currently writing up the results to show the rationale behind the scores, so I won't preempt a detailed explanation of the scores here. Suffice to say that the participants were positive about Bendigo's governance performance, but more critical of Bendigo's ecological health and public open space indicators relative to other cities in the research project.

Community interviews to commence soon

Alex Gunn 8 November 2017

With the first round of engagement having been undertaken last month, members of the research team will begin to make contact with community members who have registered their interest on this website. We have a few aims for this process. First, we want to gather more information about the specific Bendigo water planning and management context. We also want to be able to compare and contrast this community process with other research on community attitudes to water, to set a broader research context for this case study. Finally, we want to provide an opportunity to answer any questions leading up to the first community workshop.

Workshop dates set for 2017 and 2018

Alex Gunn 16 November 2017

The dates for the three community workshops have been set for 7 December 2017, 7 February 2018 and 14 March 2018. Each workshop will be held in the early evening. There is still space available in the workshops, so I recommend registering soon!

First community workshop held

Alex Gunn 11 December 2017

About 30 Bendigo residents attended the first community workshop on the evening of 7 December. After an overview of the project by the project leader, Dr. Briony Rogers, participants worked together over a series of activities to establish their vision of a water sensitive Bendigo. This started with creating a water narrative for Bendigo, covering events from before European settlement up to the present day. A significant part of the discussion here was the impact of drought on Bendigo's liveability. Before visiting Bendigo's future, participants offered what they loved about Bendigo now - there was a lot here! We rounded off the evening with a look at possible futures for Bendigo, with a focus on water, culture, the environment and technological innovation.

This week we'll be conducting similar exercises with members of the industry, government and water professional group to achieve a consolidated vision of a water sensitive Bendigo for review at the next round of workshops in February 2018.

  • CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
  • Australian Government - Business - Cooperative Research Centres Programme
  • Monash University
  • Queensland University